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Civil Case Process in the Delaware Civil Courts   

These videos are also available in Spanish

The Delaware Supreme Court and the Fairness for All Task Force present the following informational videos:

Screenshot of Chapter 1 video
Chapter 1
An Introduction to Civil Cases in the Delaware Courts
(5 min 26 sec)

Note: The Legal Help Line phone number has been replaced with the online Legal Help Link.

Screenshot of Chapter 2 video
Chapter 2
Steps of a Lawsuit
(2 min 22 sec)

Screenshot of Chapter 3 video
Chapter 3
Starting Your Case
(2 min 43 sec)

Screenshot of Chapter 4 video
Chapter 4
Responding To A Case: The Answer
(2 min 41 sec)

Screenshot of Chapter 5 video
Chapter 5
Preparing Your Case
(6 min 7 sec)

Screenshot of Chapter 6 video
Chapter 6
Tips for Your Day in Court
(1 min 41 sec)

Screenshot of Chapter 7 video
Chapter 7
What Will Happen at Your Hearing
(8 min 7 sec)