On June 26, 2018, the Delaware General Assembly enacted into law Senate Bill 235 that in sections 48 to 55 removed the statutory provisions related to the Child Placement Review Board (CPRB), bringing the work of the CPRB to a close. If you have questions related to the former functions of the CPRB, please visit the Child Protection Accountability Commission (CPAC) or call (302) 255-1730 or the Delaware Family Court or call (302) 255-0300.

If you have questions about the Educational and Training Vouchers program (ETV) please contact the Division of Family Services or call (302) 633-2638.

Child Placement Review Board

The Ivyane D. F. Davis Memorial Scholarship

Ivyane Davis was a woman who believed in children and was committed to helping them succeed. Mrs. Davis was a charter member of the Child Placement Review Board, serving as a Review Board member from the founding of the Board in 1979 until her death in 1989.

First and foremost, Mrs. Davis was a mother of five children and a foster parent. In addition, she served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate in the Family Court system and was the chairman of the Fresh Air Program in Delaware.

Ivyane Davis was a woman of impressive accomplishments, but she is best remembered for her advocacy work for the well-being of every child. In the nurturing of individuality, the development of talent, and the daily care of children, Mrs. Davis found her life's work. The Ivyane D. F. Davis Memorial Scholarship honors a remarkable woman by continuing her heritage of offering opportunity to children.

The Ivyane D. F. Davis Memorial Scholarship fund was established by the General Assembly of the State of Delaware in June 1989 to provide scholarships for post-secondary education to Delaware residents who have been in foster care in this State.

This scholarship fund addresses the particular financial needs of many children who have been in foster care and offers them the opportunity for higher education.

The Fund awards several scholarships annually in honor of Mrs. Davis, who had a lifelong interest in the welfare of children.

Ivyane D. F. Davis Scholarships are administered by the State of Delaware and are awarded to recipients selected by the Child Placement Review Board of Delaware. Scholarships are renewable.

Who Is Eligible?

To be eligible for an Ivyane D. F. Davis Memorial Scholarship, you must

  • Be a resident of Delaware for at least a year before you apply.
  • Have been in foster care in Delaware.
  • Have applied to, been accepted by, or be attending an institution of higher education or a post-secondary vocational school.

How Are Recipients Selected?

Recipients are selected on the basis of several factors, including:

  • Academic achievement
  • Community service
  • Participation in extracurricular activities
  • Promise of success in the institution selected by the applicant
  • Financial need

Where Can Recipients Use the Scholarships?

Ivyane D. F. Davis Memorial Scholarships can be used at any accredited post-secondary academic institution or any accredited post-secondary vocational schools. The school does not have to be located in Delaware.

Application Information

The documents above are in pdf format. If you do not have the FREE Adobe Acrobat reader, you can download it at www.adobe.com.

How Can I Apply?

Please visit the application process page for the application and instructions.

If you need additional information about these scholarships, please contact the Child Placement Review Board at (302) 577-8750

Applications must be submitted before June 15th. Candidates are interviewed during the summer, and recipients are notified before the beginning of the fall semester.