On June 26, 2018, the Delaware General Assembly enacted into law Senate Bill 235 that in sections 48 to 55 removed the statutory provisions related to the Child Placement Review Board (CPRB), bringing the work of the CPRB to a close. If you have questions related to the former functions of the CPRB, please visit the Child Protection Accountability Commission (CPAC) or call (302) 255-1730 or the Delaware Family Court or call (302) 255-0300.

If you have questions about the Educational and Training Vouchers program (ETV) please contact the Division of Family Services or call (302) 633-2638.

On Sunday, July 29th, 2018, from 2:00AM until 7:00AM, the Delaware Court Websites and all Online Applications will be unavailable while maintenance is conducted.

Child Placement Review Board

Assist Appeal Process

Achieving Self Sufficiency through Supported Transition

Upon entering the ASSIST program, the available supports as well as the program's rules and youth's responsibilities are thoroughly discussed with the youth and their Independent Living Provider. Following this discussion, the youth must sign an agreement that indicates their willingness to participate in the program, abide by its rules and fulfill their responsibilities as stated in the agreement.

If a youth violates any of the rules or fails to comply with their responsibilities associated with the program they may be terminated from the program.


Youth who are terminated from receiving Assist due to a violation of their Assist agreement are eligible to appeal the termination. An appeal form must be completed and submitted to the Child Placement Review Board (CPRB) for consideration. An Assist Appeal form can be obtained from an Independent Living worker or online.

Complete and submit the ASSIST Appeal form online


Complete a printable version of the ASSIST Appeal Form

Print and either send as an attachment to Amy.Wilburn@state.de.us or mail to the address below

If the reason for the termination from the program was because the youth was charged with a crime, an additional form, Consent to Release Criminal History, must also be submitted to Amy.Wilburn@state.de.us or mailed to the following address:

Child Placement Review Board
ATTN: Amy Wilburn
Carvel State Office Building
820 N. French Street, 1st Floor
Wilmington, DE 19801

After submitting the appeal form CPRB will review and determine if an in person hearing is required in order to make a decision. Most appeals will require youth to go before the committee in order to explain the circumstances of the termination and advocate for themselves for reinstatement. Please note that if the termination involved a criminal offense, the youth will need to provide documentation regarding the criminal charge. This can be accomplished by either supplying the information directly to CPRB or by signing a consent to have the Division of Family Services supply a summary of the charges. Only charges related to the termination of Assist will be provided and considered by the committee. The committee will seek to make decisions within 30 days of appeal submission.