Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child Abuse Prevention Month

Every child deserves to grow up in a home where they feel loved and safe. Since 1983, April has been designated as Child Abuse Prevention Month to promote communal support for families as a means to enhance child and family well-being, as well as raise awareness of indicators of child abuse and neglect to encourage community members to take positive action if they encounter a child in need. During 2022, Delaware's Division of Family Services received 23,924 reports of child abuse and neglect, while 417 children entered foster care as a result of experiencing familial abuse or neglect. Child abuse and neglect can be alleviated through the use of services and community programs.

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Do you know the signs?

We Can Prevent ACEs Video from the CDC

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Child abuse and neglect is not always obvious. Be mindful of changes in a child's behavior, emotional state, and physical appearance. To learn more visit the Delaware Division of Family Services' web page.

Answer: You do not need a confession or evidence to make a report. If you have reasonable suspicion that a child is experiencing abuse or neglect, you should report your suspicions to the Division of Family Services Report Line at 800-292-9582 or report online at

Answer: The prevention of child abuse is a priority for Delaware. The CDC maintains that child abuse and neglect CAN be prevented through the strengthening of relationships and environments. To create safe and nurturing communities where children and their families can thrive, the CDC recommends: changing social norms to support parents and positive parenting, enhancing parenting skills to promote child development, intervening to lessen harm and prevent future risk, providing quality care and education in early life, and strengthening economic supports for families.

Answer: To learn more about personal safety and child abuse, look at Prevent Child Abuse Delaware's FAQ - Communication is Key to Keeping Children Safe – Talking Points for Parents.

Answer: Any incident of child abuse or neglect, whether it involves a family member or non family member, MUST be reported to the Delaware Division of Family Services Report Line at 800-292-9582 or online at

Answer: Get trained! Sign up for an account on the Delaware Learning Center and access trainings developed by the Child Protection and Accountability Commission. These trainings are also available to educators through the Department of Education. In person training opportunities on how to prevent and identify child abuse and neglect are also available through the Biden Foundation and the Office of the Child Advocate.

Delaware Hotlines

  • Delaware Division of Family Services
    If you are concerned about a child's safety or see signs of child abuse or neglect call the Child Abuse and Neglect Report Line at 1-800-292-9582 or go to
  • Child Mental Health Crisis Hotline
    If a youth is experiencing a behavioral heath crisis, contact the Mobile Response Stabilization Services hotline at 1-800-969-4357 or text DE to 741741
  • Mobile Crisis for Adult Services
    If an adult is experiencing a medical emergency, has overdosed, or has harmed themselves in any way please contact the Mobile Crisis Intervention Services at
    • New Castle: 1-800-652-2929
    • Kent & Sussex: 1-800-345-6785
  • Delaware Domestic Violence Hotline
    If an adult is experiencing domestic violence, contact the Domestic Violence Hotline at
    • New Castle: 302-762-6110
    • Kent & Sussex: 302-422-8058
  • Delaware Helpline
    If you need help getting connected to a variety of community resources, call 211.

Delaware Resources

Do you know the signs?

900 King Street
Suite 350
Wilmington, DE 19801
Main line: (302) 255-1730
Fax: (302) 577-6831

400 Court Street
Dover, DE 19901
Fax: (302) 672-1125

6 West Market Street
Suite 2
Georgetown, DE 19947
Main line: (302) 856-5720
Fax: (302) 677-7027