Child Protection Accountability Commission (CPAC)

CPAC Committee Meetings: Substance Exposed Infants/Medically Fragile Children Committee

Substance Exposed Infants/Medically Fragile Children Committee

Membership: Jen Donahue, Esquire - Co-Chair
Dr. Allan De Jong - Co-Chair
Status: Active
Mission: Improve outcomes for substance-exposed infants (SEI) and their families by addressing the following recommendations as developed at the Joint CPAC/CDRC Retreat:
  1. establish a definition of substance-exposed and substance-addicted infants;
  2. draft a statute to mirror the definitions as needed and consider adding language to the neglect statute;
  3. recommend universal drug screenings for infants in all birthing facilities in the state;
  4. review and revise the DFS Hospital High Risk Medical Discharge Protocol to include substance-exposed infants;
  5. refer SEI’s to evidence-based home visiting nursing programs prior to discharge; and,
  6. review and incorporate the Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Guidelines for Management developed by DHMIC’s Standards of Care Committee.
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