Child Protection Accountability Commission (CPAC)

CPAC Subcommittee Meetings: Extended Jurisdiction Subcommittee

Extended Jurisdiction Subcommittee

Chair: Angela Fowler, Esquire
Status: Concluded
Mission: 1. To review the previous bill (SB103) to explore possibilities to re-work it such that it is fiscally neutral;

2. To review what other work is being done in the community for children aging out of foster care and summarize same. Identify if there are any gaps and if so, make recommendations for how to address. Incorporate the work of the Delaware Children's Campaign, the Division of Family Services (DFS) APPLA workgroup and the report from the original Extended Jurisdiction Subcommittee; and

3. To develop a plan and partnership with the Delaware Children's Campaign to gauge the interest in this population by the new administration, and to determine how to best channel that interest to improve circumstances for children aging out of foster care
Minutes: Available on the Public Meeting Calender
Reports: Extended Jurisdiction Subcommittee Final Report - 2006

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