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Delaware Docket Newsletter
Winter 2007


Children throughout the State were able to share in the holiday spirit and gain a civics lesson when they came to the Superior Court to watch the competency hearing of Kris Kringle in a reenactment of the courtroom scene of the Miracle on 34th Street. Almost 2,000 children attended the event, which was held several times in each county from December 11 through December 14, 2007. As in the past three years, Kris Kringle, this year was played by Don Slipetsky and represented by Richard Herrmann, Esquire, managed to win each of his competency hearings in spite of able prosecution by former Attorney General, and now Superior Court Judge, M. Jane Brady. Presiding over the courtroom was Supreme Court Justice Henry duPont Ridgely who sat in the Superior Court by designation.

According to Richard Herrmann, Esquire, the event is a joint project of the courts and the Delaware State Bar Association and is presented with permission of 20th Century Fox. “This holiday favorite is a wonderfully rewarding experience” said Herrmann, who proposed the idea to use a movie scene as a civics lesson for school children by setting it in a real courtroom and using real lawyers, a real judge and other legal officials.

Tom Russo, Jr., Esquire, directed the all star cast which, in addition to those mentioned above, included Kirsten Morris of the AOC as Dr. Westover; Sarah Lubin of the AOC, and Tom Russo, alternating as R.H. Macy; Eric Robbins of the Delaware State Bar Association as the postmaster; and Superior Court Bailiffs Ed Joyner, Frank Satterfield, and Tom Ervin. Madeleine Hughes and Carly Volker of Ursuline Academy shared the spotlight in portraying Prosecutor Brady’s daughter in the performance. Franny Haney of the AOC had a behind the scenes role in coordinating with the schools. “But”, says Russo, “of course, the real star of the day was Kris Kringle.”

Photo of Kris Kringle Case
Left to right: in front Sarah Lubin of the AOC, Honorable Henry duPont Ridgely of the Delaware Supreme Court, Richard Herrmann, Esquire, Honorable M. Jane Brady of the Superior Court, Carly Volker, Dan Slipetsky known as "Kris Kringle", and in back, Eric Robbins, Bailiff Frank Satterfield, and Kirsten Morris of the AOC.

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