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Delaware Docket Newsletter
Summer 2014

Judicial Branch Employees Recognized

Jose Hernandez

Jose E. Hernandez, Court Security Officer I, Superior Court, was named the 2013 Judicial Branch Employee of the Year. Mr. Hernandez is a twelve year veteran of the Superior Court security team and was recognized for his unfailingly courteous and calm demeanor in the courtroom. One juror, after serving on a trial for which Mr. Hernandez was the bailiff, noted that he is a "remarkable bailiff." He takes his job seriously and, when he is in a courtroom with a judge and jury, they are his first priority.


Other employees nominated for this award, and who were honored as the Employee of the Year for their respective courts, are:

Ruth Jones, Social Service Specialist III, Family Court. Ms. Jones was selected as Family Court Employee of the Year for her consistent and outstanding dedication and support in providing services to the public. On many occasions, she will handle incoming litigants while also covering other responsibilities such as juvenile bails. In addition, Ms. Jones provides an invaluable service to Spanish-speaking litigants by providing them instructions and direction.

Evelyn Tatum, Management Analyst II, Court of Common Pleas. Ms. Tatum continually exceeds the expectations of her daily job duties. She volunteers to serve as the Case Manager for the Court's Trauma Informed Probation Program. Where there is work to be done or a project to be undertaken, Ms. Tatum is always ready and willing to lend a hand. She has a positive attitude and remarkable work ethic which has had an invaluable impact on her coworkers. Ms. Tatum exemplifies what it means to be a team player.

Irene Freeman, Judicial Case Processor III, Justice of the Peace Court. Ms. Freeman has been an employee of the Judicial Branch for fifteen years. She truly demonstrates what it means to be a superior leader and team builder. She handles not only her supervisory duties, but clerk duties as well. She is proactive in her work, ensuring that cases get promptly corrected in case of errors. She has exceptional organization skills, is loyal, and often works beyond her job description. Ms. Freeman always has a smile on her face and her laugh is contagious.

Maria Perez-Chambers, Coordinator of the Court Interpreter Program, Administrative Office of the Courts. The State of Delaware Court Interpreter Program was the 2013 winner of the John Neufeld Award. This award recognizes Delaware's statewide language access program and the strong leadership role that Delaware has taken on the issue of language access at the national level. Ms. Perez-Chambers was instrumental in developing the new Limited Legal Assistance Program for limited English-proficient litigants and is a team player and a valuable asset to the AOC. She is never too busy to offer her assistance, adeptly handles any issue that arises, and always does her work with a smile.

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