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Delaware Docket Newsletter
Summer 2007


Years ago, a young man working at a factory to put himself through college did a portrait of the 12-year old son of the cafeteria manager. That young man, Simmie Knox, went on to become a nationally renowned portrait painter who has painted the official portraits of President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton as well as those of many other luminaries. And, the 12-year old boy, Randy J. Holland, grew up to be a lawyer, legal scholar, and justice of the Delaware Supreme Court.

The two met again recently, when the Delaware State Bar Association asked Mr. Knox to paint the official Supreme Court portrait of Justice Holland. Although such portraits are not usually done until the death of a justice, Justice Holland’s close association with Simmie Knox inspired the Bar Association to raise private donations at this time to enable the portrait to be painted by Mr. Knox. The portrait was officially unveiled at the Annual Bench and Bar Conference held on June 6, 2007, at the Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington. The original portrait of Justice Holland as a 12-year old was also displayed along with the official portrait.

The official portrait will hang in the Hollands’ home until it is time to be moved to the Supreme Court portrait gallery in Dover.

Photo of portrait unveiling.
Geoffrey Gamble, President of the Delaware State Bar Association, with Justice Holland (to his left), Ilona Holland (to his right), and Mr. Knox (to the far right).