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Delaware Docket Newsletter
Spring 2011


iCivics screenshot
Screen print from iCivics internet based games.

Under the leadership of Justice Randy J. Holland, who serves as State Chair, the iCivics program in Delaware is making great strides. iCivics is a national web-based education project designed to teach middle school students. The program was initiated by former United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to ensure that students are getting the information and tools they need for effective civic participation, and that civics teachers are provided better materials and support.

The iCivics program, which is based at Georgetown University Law School, provides internet based games for students and materials for teachers on its web site at www.icivics.org. Games include such choices as "Do I Have A Right" in which the player runs a firm specializing in constitutional law, "Executive Command", which lets students play president and "LawCraft", which provides the player with the experience of being a member of Congress.

"We are pleased that Delaware is a leader in leveraging online civics resources to benefit Delaware's youth. Justice O'Connor's iCivics initiative provides an innovative approach to promoting civics education in Delaware."

Supreme Court Justice Randy J. Holland

In order to get the word out in local schools, each state has a chair who is a high level member of the judiciary, as well as a state coordinator, to ensure that information about the project reaches local schools. Franny Haney, of the Administrative Office of the Courts, serves as Delaware's coordinator and has been working with local schools to promote the project. She says, "Delaware's schools are making increasing use of the iCivics Program," and adds that "the Program ties together well with our ‘From the Classroom to the Courtroom' Project that we hold every summer to provide middle school teachers with information about the courts."

iCivics Topics screenshot

Another screen print from the iCivics internet-based games.