The Delaware State Courts will be closed on Monday, May 27, 2024 for Memorial Day. Justice of the Peace Court 11 (New Castle County) and Court 7 (Kent County) will remain open 24 hours and Justice of the Peace Court 3 (Sussex County) will be open from 6AM-Midnight (no new cases after 11PM).


Courtroom Hardware

Our courtrooms are equipped with the latest wireless and electronic presentation equipment and software.

Counsel desiring a Superior Court courtroom with specific technology support should contact the Bailiffs' Office (302) 255.0586 or (302) 255.0587 several days before the trial.

Counsel intending to present any evidence via electronic media (e.g., audio, video, DVD, etc.) should confer with opposing counsel to ensure all necessary redactions or revisions are completed before the start of trial, ensure the media source is compatible with the court's courtroom technology, ensure that counsel or someone employed by counsel is available and competent to present the evidence at trial; and ensure one copy of the evidence presented (and a transcript, if applicable) is prepared and ready to be marked and submitted as a court exhibit at the time the evidence is presented.

Counsel intending to use demonstrative evidence during opening statements should confer with opposing counsel several days before the trial and seek to resolve any issues regarding such evidence.

Wireless Connectivity

Counsel who are authorized to bring electronic devices into the courthouses have wireless access (state-guest-net) for their laptops, smartphones, and mobile devices.

Wireless courthouse access allows counsel to connect to their office via the Internet without the need for a physical network connection. For information on wireless access, please contact CourtroomConnect.

Electronic Presentations

Our courtrooms that are capable of providing electronic evidence presentation through the use of integral systems or portable carts. Many courtrooms have jury monitors installed in the jury boxes for evidence presentation.

The systems provide audio/visual equipment that allow evidence to be presented using computer presentations from DVDs, CD-ROMs, VCRs, and document cameras. Evidence is displayed on computer monitors at the bench, witness stand, attorney tables and on a wall-mounted monitors.

The courtrooms have a state-of-the-art sound system as well as the capability of using one of the portable evidence presentation carts. Portable evidence presentation carts are mobile. The carts contain most of the standard components used to present evidence. Courtrooms are equipped with recessed projection screens that can be dropped from the ceiling as needed.