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Legal Jurisdiction

Superior Court has statewide original jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases, except equity cases, over which the Court of Chancery has exclusive jurisdiction, and domestic relations matters, which jurisdiction is vested with the Family Court.

The Court's authority to award damages is not subject to a monetary maximum.

The Court hears cases of personal injury, libel and slander and contract claims. The Court also tries cases involving medical malpractice, legal malpractice, property cases involving mortgage foreclosures, mechanics liens, condemnations, and appeals related to landlord-tenant disputes and appeals from the Automobile Arbitration Board.

The Court has exclusive jurisdiction over felonies and drug offenses (except most felonies and drug offenses involving minors and except possession of marijuana cases).

Superior Court has jurisdiction over involuntary commitments of persons with mental conditions.

The Court serves as an intermediate appellate court, hearing appeals on the record from the Court of Common Pleas, Family Court (adult criminal), and more than 50 administrative agencies including the Industrial Accident Board, Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board, Zoning and Adjustment Boards, and other quasi-judicial bodies.

Appeals from Alderman's Courts and Justice of the Peace Courts are heard on trials de novo (second trials) in Superior Court. Appeals from Superior Court are argued on the record before the Supreme Court.