Court Interpreter Program

Written Exam

All candidates wishing to become certified or otherwise qualified must complete a qualification and registration process consisting, in summary, of four steps: orientation seminar, written exam, criminal background check and oral exam.

The written examination is the second step in the credentialing process.

It consists of 135 multiple choice questions in English. The written test measures candidate’s knowledge of: a) the English language; b) court-related terms and usage; and c) court interpreter ethics and professional conduct.

The test will be administered several times a year, following the orientation seminar. Only Candidates who have attended an orientation seminar may take this test. Candidates must score at least 80% on the written test in order to proceed with the next step in the qualification process.

For additional information on the written exam, please visit the National Center of State Courts Education and Careers, State Court Interpreter Certification page for the Overview of the Written Exam.