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Judicial Officers'
Civil Case Management Preferences
General Information for Attorneys:
  Superior Court’s Civil Case Management Plans (Plans), Rules of Civil Procedure (Rules), Administrative Directives (Directives), and Administrative Orders (Orders) provide attorneys with significant information applicable to civil court proceedings.  However, each judge or commissioner may have individual preferences with respect to specific practices and procedures.

Superior Court's civil case management plans for all counties are presently being amended.

Our Judicial Officers’ Preferences section provides detailed information about individual judge’s or commissioner's particular practices and procedures for civil case management in an effort further to assist attorneys and legal staff. To view individual preferences, select the judicial officer's name in blue on the left menu.

Preference profiles do not restate procedures otherwise set forth in Superior Court Plans, Rules, Directives, or Orders. Any variances are specially noted.

These particular practices and procedures may be periodically revised.

The Court expects counsel to exercise the highest standards of professionalism and civility (View Principles of Professionalism for Delaware Lawyers, 2003) just as counsel may expect the same from the Court. View Principles of Professionalism for Delaware Judges, 2003.