Notice of upcoming changes to the E-Filing services for the Court of Common Pleas in Delaware - UPDATED information available HERE.

eFlex: Delaware's Official e-Filing System for the Court of Common Pleas

Welcome to eFlex, the State of Delaware e-filing System for the Court of Common Pleas.
CCP e-File updates

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e-Filing of civil cases is now available in the Court of Common Pleas. It is also required in certain cases.

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Filing Fees

eFlex will permit you to file your case directly with the Court of Common Pleas. Your filing fees can be paid on eFlex, either by setting up a Court debit account from which fees can be deducted, or by using a credit card. If you wish to set up a debit account, please complete this application. Please note that your debit account can be used to file civil cases in any Court using eFlex. Currently, those courts include all Justice of the Peace Civil Courts and the Court of Common Pleas.

In addition to the filing fees associated with each case, you will also be assessed a $1.25 fee per document in accordance with the Court's e-filing rule.


In order to begin filing with the Court of Common Pleas, you are required to attend a three-hour training session to become familiar with eFlex. If you have not yet been trained in the use of the system, please sign up for training. Training sessions are available every few weeks in each County.