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Commission on Continuing Legal Education: Attorneys Forms

All Commission forms can be completed online before printing! Because most forms must include attachments, they cannot be e-mailed or faxed. When completing a form online, you may tab through the various fields and type. If you wish to clear the contents of the form, simply click on our logo.

Forms are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format only. You may also contact the Commission to have a copy of any form mailed to you. If you do not have the free Acrobat Reader software, please visit the Adobe site to download it.   

PLEASE NOTE: Attorneys should allow at least one month for Commission review of all application forms except Form 9, which may take up to four months for review. Attorneys are encouraged to submit application forms as soon as possible after completing each activity, and definitely no later than December 1 of the year of the attorney's compliance deadline. Although attorneys may still submit applications after this deadline, credits approved may have to be written in on the Transcript by the attorney in order to be claimed. Attorneys who do not submit application forms until after their compliance deadline has passed should not expect to receive a response until after the February 1 reporting deadline. If no response has been received by the end of January, the attorney must still submit the signed Transcript by February 1. If the attorney does not need approval of the activity to reach compliance, the attorney may submit an amendment after receiving approval. If the attorney does require approval of the activity to reach the minimum requirement, the attorney should make alternate arrangements for compliance in the event that the application is not approved, including submitting a make-up plan with the signed Transcript.

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For Attorneys
Approval of eCLE
Application Forms
Form 4 For an attorney to apply for accreditation of an individual program pursuant to Rule 7(B). Only for use when the provider does not apply for accreditation.
Form 7 For an attorney to apply for publication credit pursuant to Rule 8(A).
Form 7-A For an attorney to apply for credit for writing and grading a bar examination question pursuant to Rule 8(A).
Form 8 For an attorney to apply for teaching credit pursuant to Rule 8(B).
Form 8-A For an attorney to apply for moderating credit pursuant to Rule 8(B)(1).
Form 8-B(1) For an attorney to apply for judging a moot court competition pursuant to the Commission's policy statement on such activities.
Form 8-B(2) For an attorney to apply for judging or coaching Delaware and National High School mock trial competitions pursuant to the Commission's policy statement on such activities (revised 11/7/07).
Form 9 For an attorney to apply for professional work credit pursuant to Rule 8(C).
Form 10 For an attorney to apply for attendance at an in-house program pursuant to Rule 7(D); must be attached to Form 4.
Form 13 For an attorney to apply for pro bono credit pursuant to Rule 8(D).
All 10 Forms Includes one of each of the forms shown above.
Transcript Forms
Form 14 Make-Up Plan: to be completed and attached to a printed copy of the online transcript.
Form 15 Completion of a Make-Up Plan: to be completed and filed with the Commission by May 15.
The Form 12 application to add credits to the Transcript is available only to attorneys who have online access to the CLE Transcript. It can be downloaded directly from the Transcript Information page (currently disabled).

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