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Child Death, Near Death and Stillbirth Commissionchild photo

Intent and Purpose:

The Child Death, Near Death and Stillbirth Commission was established in 1995 by statute (Section 320 et seq.). The mission is to safeguard Delaware's children by examining the deaths of children under the age of 18. The Child Death Review Commission has the power to create up to three regional Review Panels, establishes confidentiality for the reviews, and provides the commission with the ability to secure pertinent records.

The primary purpose of reviewing child deaths is the prevention of future child deaths. The review is a retrospective system intended to provide meaningful, prompt, system-wide recommendations in an effort to prevent future deaths and to improve services to children. A child death is considered preventable if one or more interventions might reasonably have averted the child's death.


The Commission Members are either designated by position as outlined in the statute or are appointed by the Governor. The Commission chair is elected annually. Delaware has two review panels (north and south) and a governing commission. Teams are each comprised of 18 members and both meet monthly. Commission members and panel members receive no compensation for their service.

Contact Information:

     Child Death, Near Death and Stillbirth Commission
     Anne Pedrick, MS
     Executive Director
     900 King Street
     Wilmington, DE 19801