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Official Court Reporters & Transcripts

New Castle County Superior Courthouse

New Castle County Courthouse
Superior Court
Chief Court Reporter
500 North King Street
Wilmington, DE 19801


Contact: John Donnelly

Kent County Superior Courthouse

Kent County Courthouse
Superior Court
Chief Court Reporter
414 Federal Street, 1st Floor
Dover, DE 19901


Contact: Andrea Saatman

Sussex County Superior Courthouse

Sussex County Courthouse
Superior Court
Official Court Reporter
1 The Circle, Suite 2
Georgetown, DE 19947


Contact: Kathy Haynes

The Official Court Reporters for Delaware's Superior Court report courtroom proceedings and prepare certified verbatim transcripts of those proceedings upon request.

How to Get Transcripts

Cost estimates for transcripts of court proceedings can be obtained by providing the Court Reporters' Office with the case name and number, the date of the proceeding.

To obtain a cost estimate, order a transcript, request Realtime reporting, or inquire about any other information, including the charges for Realtime reporting, you may contact the Chief Court Reporter at the address or telephone.

The cost of a transcript is based on a per-page rate, which is $3.00 for an original and one copy and $2.00 for one copy for normal delivery; $5.00 for an original and one copy and $3.00 for one copy for expedited delivery; and $6.50 for an original and one copy and $4.00 for one copy for daily, or overnight, delivery.

A deposit from one-half the estimated cost up to the total amount of the estimated cost may be required by the Court Reporters' Office prior to preparation of transcript.

Unless the ordering party is a governmental agency or a member of the Bar, any deposit is required to be made by either a money order or cash, for which a written receipt is provided.

Realtime reporting of courtroom proceedings is also available upon request. Realtime provides, almost instantaneously, the text of words spoken in the courtroom. Realtime provides access to court proceedings for hearing-impaired participants and serves as a trial management tool for judges and attorneys.

Realtime rate for a criminal case is $2.75 per page for one party or agency, or $2.30 per page for two parties or agencies. Mandatory transcript is not required except for appeal or impeachment purposes.

Realtime rate for a civil case is $2.50 per page plus mandatory transcript rate for normal delivery based on present rates.