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Superior Court's hi-tech courtroom, Courtroom 2, in Georgetown, Sussex County, Delaware was completed in November 2001. The courtroom's design assured that all courtroom participants benefited from the new technology.

The hub of the hi-tech installation in Sussex County Superior Court is a SMART Board® projection system combined with a Crestron control system.

Documents and video can be viewed on the SmartBoard®, bailiff's monitor, judge's monitor, and jury monitors. Notes can then be made either directly on the SmartBoard® projection system, and viewed on all courtroom displays. The SMART Board® projection system enables users to save, print, and distribute all of the work that has been written on the whiteboard.

Technology-ready counsel tables provide quick-connect capability for data, realtime transcription and video. Counsel can bring portable computer equipment to plug into discreetly concealed ports in floor boxes to access the electronics in the courtroom. Traditional video and audio equipment such as cassette, video, and DVD recorders and playback equipment with handheld RF remote and laser pointer, and a digital visual presenter or ELMO, are also available for counsel. The courtroom is enhanced by fully integrated video and audio conferencing systems. The equipment can be used for remote witness testimony, pretrial conferences or other court proceedings. The use of this technology is easily controlled from multiple touch panel controllers at the Judge’s bench and the lectern.

In addition to the large presentation screen, the courtroom's jury box has been enhanced with eight flat panel monitors for the benefit of jurors. The installed courtroom configuration permits laptop computer output to be viewed on the projection system and jury monitors.

Both judge and bailiff have access to master courtroom controls. The controllers enable the judge or bailiff to route video and computer input and output as well as DVD, videotape or cassette output, and visual presenter output (ELMO) to the SmartBoard® projection system. The master controllers also govern the volume controls and master mute switch for all room microphones and audio sources.

The court's proceedings are captured using FTR Gold digital audio recording and/or by our court reporters.