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The SMART Board® rear projection interactive whiteboard with NEC projector enables our computers

With a computer image projected onto the board, the user can press on its large, five-foot-wide
touch-sensitive surface to access and control any application. While at the board, Counsel can use a SMART Board® Pen Traypen information.

The SMART Board® projection system enables users to write on the screen, then save their notes to print and distribute all of the work that has been written on the whiteboard or even put it on the Web. In effect, the SMART Board® allows users to store information that would otherwise vanish.

The SMART Board® allows for control of the computer from the whiteboard, enabling the counsel to manipulate the computer screen without moving back to the lectern or counsel table.

If lectern-based presentations are preferred, the courtroom's lectern-mounted Sympodium® Smart Panel installed in Kent County, can interface to the SmartBoard® projection system which allows counsel to use all the above features while at the lectern. The panel's interactive screen displays the computer image.

Users can control the computer and write electronic notes to the screen simply by touching the interactive tabletop lectern with the attached stylus. With the presentation displayed on a the large screen as well as on numerous monitors, the courtroom can easily follow the presentation.

This improves courtroom interaction by freeing-up counsel from having to remain at the either the whiteboard or the lectern during computer-based demonstrations. The SMART Board®
saves the court time, increases interactivity and improves communication.

Counsel can also use the system to display from a digital visual presenter or ELMO, as well as display from Internet, word processed or scanned documents, and video.

Coupled with Crestron software, which enables participants to view each other's computer screen activity, the SMART Board® has created new possibilities for enriched interaction between the judge, counsel, litigants, and jury

Courtroom Connect
provides network access to the Internet access for attorneys and others. Videoconferencing, remote real-time transcript streaming and printing services can be provided.