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New Castle County
New Castle County Courthouse
500 North King Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

Kent County
400 Court Street
Dover, DE 19901
Sussex County
22 The Circle
Georgetown, DE 19947

Family Court Judicial Officers and Staff

The Family Court has a staff of more than 300 employees including the judiciary. These employees comprise the following primary groups.


Number: The Court is allowed 17 Judges of equal judicial authority, one of whom is appointed by the Governor as Chief Judge and who is the chief administrative and executive officer for the Court. A bare majority of the Judges must be of one major political party with the remainder of the other major political party.

Appointment: The Governor nominates the Judges, who must be confirmed by the Senate.

Tenure: The Judges are appointed for 12-year terms, subject to reappointment.

Qualifications: Judges must have been duly admitted to the practice of law before the Supreme Court of Delaware at least 5 years prior to appointment and must have a knowledge of the law and interest in and understanding of family and child problems. They shall not practice law during their tenure and may be reappointed.

Family Court Judges
    Chief Judge Michael K. Newell
    Judge Jay H. Conner New Castle County
    Judge Kenneth M. Millman Sussex County
    Judge William N. Nicholas Kent County
    Judge William J. Walls, Jr. Kent County
    Judge Mark D. Buckworth New Castle County
    Judge Aida Waserstein New Castle County
    Judge Barbara D. Crowell New Castle County
    Judge Peter B. Jones Sussex County
    Judge Mardi F. Pyott Kent County
    Judge Robert B.Coonin New Castle County
    Judge Arlene Minus Coppadge New Castle County
    Judge Alan N. Cooper New Castle County
    Judge Joelle P. Hitch New Castle County
    Judge Paula Ryan Sussex County
    Judge Felice G. Kerr New Castle County
    Judge Jennifer B. Ranji New Castle County
    Judge Natalie J. Haskins New Castle County


Commissioners hear a broad range of cases including child support, misdemeanor crimes and delinquency, civil protection orders, bail hearings and other cases as assigned. Commissioners are attorneys at law who are nominated by the Governor, confirmed by the Senate and serve an initial 4-year term. Upon second and subsequent appointments and confirmations, commissioners serve six-year terms. Orders from commissioners are subject to review by Family Court Judges.

Family Court Commissioners

Commissioner Danielle S. Blount New Castle County
Commissioner John Carrow New Castle County
Commissioner DeSales Haley
New Castle County
Commissioner Mary Ann Herlihy New Castle County
Commissioner Frederic Kenney (Retired) New Castle County
Commissioner Jennifer Mayo New Castle County
Commissioner James Maxwell New Castle County
Commissioner Mary Much New Castle County
Commissioner Janell Ostroski New Castle County
Commissioner Susan Tussey New Castle County
Commissioner Para Wolcott New Castle County
Commissioner Loretta Young New Castle County

Commissioner Angela Fowler Kent County
Commissioner David Jones Kent County
Commissioner Louann Vari Kent County

Commissioner Pamela Holloway Sussex County
Commissioner Andrew Southmayd Sussex County
Commissioner Sonja Wilson Sussex County

Support Personnel

The three major administrative divisions of the Court are Court Operations, Fiscal Services and Human Resources. Fiscal Services and Personnel Services perform staff functions, whereas Court Operations is responsible for the delivery of services to the public.