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COTS - Courts Organized to Serve


Deliver an Information System that will enable the Delaware Judiciary to fulfill its mission of providing a fair, efficient, effective, and prompt forum for the resolution of both criminal and civil matters brought before our Courts.


The COTS vision is to implement an integrated information system that will improve information quality; allow the courts to coordinate and manage operations; allow the courts to share data; allow for public access; take advantage of technology advances; be able to communicate seamlessly with other portions of the justice system; and allow the courts to measure performance.

Project Phases

A large effort like this is typically divided into several phases. The COTS project has been divided into eight phases. These eight phases are designed to build the system from the ground up and to add components as portions of the system are developed. Although the first phase appears to be limited to one court, much of the groundwork for all of the courts will be developed during that time.

The eight COTS project phases are:

Phase I: JP Civil Pilot Court and Implementation of Imaging
Phase II: Implementation of the JP Civil Courts and Web Access Statewide
Phase III: Civil Pilot Court and Implementation of e-Filing and IVR
Phase IV: Implementation of the Civil Courts Statewide
Phase V: Criminal Pilot Court and Implementation of Web Payment
Phase VI: Implementation of the Criminal Courts Statewide
Phase VII: Implementation of Family Civil Courts Statewide
Phase VIII: Implementation of CourtMetrix and Remaining ustomization Statewide